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Ugh quit with your adorable Twitter updates.... they keep killing me. @Helixx and i both have dug many graves. Im sorry, I keep tagging you in Jimin things... @bbyitskatie @ashleyemmert @CreeTheOtaku @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @KpopGaby @KaitlynHewitt @AbbyRamey @sarabear1021 @NaughTAE
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He's my bias murderer! But... ugh... as much as he kills me... and destroys my feels... I mean he completely annihilates my feels... and he needs to stop because it's just rude... and most days I can't with him. Like I just simply can't.... but secretly... I... I... don't.... want.. him... to... stop... because... because... I mean... did you see those moles?
@Helixx I feel the exact same way. I was watching a bts vine compilation and one of the vines was entirely of jimin laughing and i DIED. I just couldnt handle it. Cause he goes from so damn adorable to the hip thrusting, grinding, shirt ripping, high note hitting badass we all love.
@Helixx im sorry, even after last night i can't control my feels!! my phone is juat filled with his picture, that and bae my beautiful one of a kind man Jiyong... iiiii jjjuuussttt cccaannnttt TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!
@KaitlynHewitt wae he so cute
I always feel bad when they don't have time to sleep.