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When the 90's left, television left with it. Let's just all come to a general consensus and agree that the 90's hands down had some of the best tv series. Not only was that the decade for the best television shows, but it was also the best decade for the couples portrayed in those shows.
We all have our favorite tv couple, just as everyone has their favorite music couple. While we can't all be on one accord with our opinions, this is at least one thing we can all agree on -- am I right? Let's take a trip down memory lane to see some of the best on screen couples to grace the television in the 90's. Nearly a quarter century later and we still love them all the same.

Show: Boy Meets World

Couple: Cory and Topanga

Show: Family Matters

Couple: Steve [Stephen] and Laura

Show: Dawson's Creek

Couple: Dawson and Joey

Show: Martin

Couple: Martin and Gina

Who was your favorite television couple from the 90's?

Who is your favorite television couple now?
@GifordPaul urkel is an inspiration to us all ;D
no lie urkel and laura she rejected him forever and even dated stefan but she ultimately choose steve after all those years since first grade I think lol
Awwww where are the long-term relationships now?? I loved Cory and Topanga :)
Yep Martin and Gina ❤
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