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As more information becomes available in regards to the long term effects of football on the body and mind, many parents seem to be shying away from allowing their kids to play football.
One of the most recent athletes to share his thoughts about the physical effects of the game is former sports titan Bo Jackson. The former football and baseball star expressed his objection to kids putting pads on and hitting the gridiron on Monday during an appearance on SportsCenter.
“It changed even before the big issue came up with concussions,” Jackson said when asked whether the recent controversy over concussions impacted his views on youths playing football. “I’m sitting saying ‘little kids shouldn’t be playing, little kids shouldn’t be going out running into each other like they’re playing in the NFL.'”
This shouldn't come as a surprise to many, as Bo has been against children playing football for a long time now. These kids’ brains aren’t even half developed, and they’re out tackling and getting concussions at 9 and 10 years old," said Bo in regards to kids playing football. When this kid is turning 15 or 16 years old, this kid is not gonna know his name, he’s not gonna know how to get home from school."

Do You Agree With Bo Jackson’s Stance On Children Playing Football?

Well it's also the same thing with hockey
@TiffanyPerez It def isn't! Hope your kids love the game. Although there are health concerns with sport, don't get me wrong, I love it!
My kids are pretty darn sturdy. If they want to play I will let them. I gotta let them get out there and try.
My kids are 6 and 5. I am going to be teaching them to play so when the season comes around they are ready. I remember playing as a young kid. I think now a days people want to keep their kids sheltered. To each their own though
Childhood is the time of your life when you are most resilient to injury. If anything, it's the best age to be playing contact sports. I can think of many injuries I had as a child that would be crippling if I endured them today. That's why I don't skateboard anymore. Yesterday's sprained ankle is today's spiral fracture.
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