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Bangtan screenshot results

Suga is the sweetness in my bitter life lol
But Jhope is the hope that I need (TAT) he so beautiful
Omg he said he liked my face lol
My crush taking me out omg I'm spazzing
He had his lips ready too lol come here an let me suck your face lol
It's wired how it all make sense he my secret crush some dude give me stuff an he suddenly ask me out an kiss me an we end up together forever with baby's in a big house with a pet dog name jack and the cat name frost and a gold fish name John lol
I know it's late but this is fun here the link to the game
@twistedPuppy 😂😂😂😅😅😅 i feel stupid now lol
ohhh i wanna do this one!!
@LemonLassie lol its okay it happens to all of us
@LemonLassie click the link
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