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As a child I smiled and shattered the reflection And my hand moved itself trying to wrap up the temptation With eyes being locked onto the blurring image I held the heart tight and showed my soul the passage As terrible things are about to happen As I looked myself into my eyes, I found no pain Drop to drop was my heart beating in a synchronized melody And I was wrapping my soul to my heart as it is meant to be I left everything and took all the memories in my eyes She then got the gift she gave to me, not to be a lie Wrapped in my soul was my heart before her Which while opening made her hands tremble I just couldn't utter anything, watched her crying And my heart was dead too as the love was gone flying From the air, we inhaled it inside us And now, it dispersed crashing all our jesus With that, I was gone too like we never met And she lived with the gift that I had left I calmly regained my death in the shattered image And I watched myself in my blurry eyes to trap the moments Now, with the final dream had come true I flew with the air to breathe inside the heart As I knew this all has to end and we are gonna be apart With this distance between us tearing into two I left her with everything to watch over and start anew
oh. I'm cheered up. :)
ahh... experienced wid love??? ur pomes a great dude
ok. I'll be waiting :)
@HridayAgarwal yeah of course NXT month magazine publishing process starts may be in April end I will finish it β˜ΊπŸ‘
do show me when it is done. I'm glad that I could be of your help. god bless you :)
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