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Today is the first week of Storytime Tuesday!! Every Tuesday we will share stories about Love & Relationships!!
This week's question was chosen from @BeannachtOraibh. Thanks for the awesome question! :)

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress a crush?

Here's my story!

In elementary school (yeah, I know I was super young and in love) I had this crush named Brandon. Brandon was sweet and was nice to girls, but he really didn't talk or notice me. I decided I needed to get his attention. One time in class he was talking about his favorite TV show character (I don't remember who it was exactly now), but what I did remember was that she had really cute short hair and wore a bow in it. I remember thinking: I must have her short hair. That night I begged and begged my mom to cut my hair so I could look like her. After I threw a few tantrums, my mom caved and chopped off my hair. That's right people: I CUT MY HAIR FOR LOVE.
The next day at school, I proudly marched into class hoping Brandon would notice me. Obviously, he didn't really notice or pay attention to it because he was 10 years old, but my poor little heart was broken.

Challenge time!

----Create a card and tell your craziest, juiciest story!:)
----Tag a few friends (from below or others) so we can all hear your stories!
----Add it to the Love & Relationship Community!
-----Share it before next Tuesday starts!
@smilealyz ok but that's really sweet, standing up for someone you like! @JaredDaigre oh yeah, I think I've done that before. I thought they wanted a kiss but definitely didn't. I try to ask about it now. haha I did that too with a lot of my crushes!! @1FallenAngel because if you can hide from them, then you can't say anything dumb in front of them!! @humairaa haha so you make fun of them??
I don't remember doing anything crazy for love lol. Actually i've been embarrassing my crush instead so that they can never know that i find them handsome/beautiful!
I don't know if you'll think it's crazy... What I did was, I just hid from him, pretty much avoided him as much as possible. Lol...
um not really crazy haha but I did jump off a cliff into the ocean to impress someone
Yup so true @nicolejb! I'm so glad to see this on my short break at work. I so needed some humor right now. Thank you! 😬
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