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Who will be the best at comics trivia this week?

You know the deal by now, right? I'm thinking of two characters, one from Marvel and one from DC. I'll give you hints, and you'll guess in the comments! The answer will be revealed next week.
Character 1
Dustin Hoffman turned down the film role His parents changed their last name to Thorul
Character 2
Was raised by two moms Left a superhero team due to "musical differences"

As a bonus: Who can tell me who the character in this image is? Comment and we'll see!

Did you guess last week?

Character 1 (mother died then retconned + new energy burst power) was Miles Morales!
Character 2 (extremely intelligent + grew up in a prison) was Bane!

Good luck everyone!

for number one I'm gona say lex luthor
1) Lex Luthor, 2)Rogue, Picture) Thor
I think number 1 is Superman; completely lost on number 2. The bonus is Thor lol. And last week's I got Bane but now I know why character one sounded so familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.
Okay character one has to be penguin or lex luthor because I've racked my brain so many dam times today haha
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