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This is Zelo, Zelo is the lead rapper, lead dancer, and the maknae of B.A.P
Real name: Choi Jun Hong
Birthday: October 15th, 1996
Height: 187 cm (6'2)
•His stage name comes from the Greek god “Zelos” which is the god of rivalry. He was named that because of how hard he worked amoungst all his hyungs
•He skateboards
•He and YongGuk formed a sub–unit called “Bang & Zelo”
•In “Ta–Dah! It‘s B.A.P” he is a robot that was created by Bang to help take over the world when they promoted their “Bang & Zelo” album. DaeHyun is wary of him since he was programmed by Bang, thus he could be extremely dangerous. He has a tendency to “shut down” randomly.
•Has an older brother
•Admires American artist Kanye West, Will.i.am
•His ideal girl is a girl who’s good at English and has a pretty smile.
•Although he is the youngest, he is the tallest of B.A.P. He has stated that he is trying his best to stop his puberty.
•His favorite movie is “2012”.
•He wants his fans to call him “Oppa” even though he is younger than most of them.
•If he could be another member he would be Bang. “Although I am also writing lyrics, but Yongguk hyung writes lyrics and compose, moreover, he is also able to produce. Becoming Yongguk hyung, I would like to experience something which is producing.”
•When he was young he would practicing beat boxing and dance in front of his mom’s dresser by himself.
•If B.A.P were a family he’d be the “cute and pure maknae who gets the most love from his hyungs.”
•Watching TVXQ/DBSK and Super Junior made him want to become a singer.
•His favorite color’s are grey, green, and red.
•He is very close to JongUp since they are both the youngest and have bonded during their trainee years.
•He attended an academy in Gwangju to improve his dancing and rapping skills and have to travel there from Mokpo everyday (which is about an hour). The fare wasn’t cheap and after realizing how much his parents supported and encouraged him, he learned to be frugal.
•One day Dynamic Duo was performing at the Gwangju terminal and he took a picture with them. Ever since then he’s admired them.
•Ironically, he was able to be featured in one of Dynamic Duo’s concerts and he performed the song “Solo”. After he asked them to “please raise me [to become a singer]”, but they hilariously replied it would be difficult since they are both going into the army. “It’s a memory I can’t forget” he states laughing.
Matoki: ToToMato
Trainee Time: 6 years
My babbbyy
This is our giant baby Zelo:)
Such a baby.
giant baby and fellow 96' liner (my mom approves of him)
forever the giant baby I refuse to see him.as a man xD I'm in denial
Zelo....enough said. 💕💕💕💕
Omg!! Zelo!!!
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