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Hold my hand and fly me to the moon As these moments will pass away and like sand we'll slip soon With the stars glistening upon us I'll wrap myself around you and stay hush Just stay this night with me, as in the morning all shall be gone And we forget each other with memories of aghast turned upon The song of the rain inside the clouds will roar the thunder And we shall fight with our inner monsters from the ruins of blunders My eye will reflect my soul and the magic it's about to lose Just hold me tight, cause my heart got only you to choose Talk to me and feel the pain I'm about to adhere As you'll make me happy while it passes away Just look into my eyes, for me to get strong And fly me to these stars who have got wrong Beat by beat, this heart go berserk to prance And have the pleasure to ask you for the dance While we dance, I kiss you now and then As soon the sky will fall and all will come to an end The paradise is just a memory away So let's not let the puppets of time play These tears dreaming down your face Will become your shadow and take my place You'll be safe and sound from me As I am the one to hinder your destiny Just hold my hand and fly me to the moon So that I can fall from there real soon The sun will enlighten you after I'm gone As you, my angel, have been gifted my wings to live long Heaven is not far away from the stars But heaven is only for angels, not for nefarious heart
thank you :)
Beautiful poem:)