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Help a Fellow Vingler Ask a Girl to Prom!
My good Vingle friend @momattheword is doing something really cool tomorrow. He's asking a lady to prom. Her name is Jessica and he's known her since they were kids, because they go to the same church together.

If you don't already know this, asking someone to prom is kinda a big deal. So let's put our heads together and help him brainstorm unique way for him to ask.

My opinion: Feel out her personality. Some girls are into grand gestures, some are more into thoughtful simple ideas.
A cool way someone asked me: My bf at the time gave me my favorite book and asked me to re-read it, and notice the highlighted words. After scanning the words he highlighted in the book, I pieced it together and it read:
It was really sweet and simple.

So, now Vinglers I ask you: What are some creative ways he can ask this girl to prom? How can he make it special??

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My best friend found out exactly how I DIDNT want to get asked to prom and proceeded to do JUST THAT (aka a song and dance number in the middle of the quad) I was MORTIFIED but in retrospect it was actually hilarious and while I still hate him for it, its one of my favorite memories of high school. (I don't recommend this route but its one to think about haha!) Good luck to those asking and getting asked :D
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Ohhh nooo @sophiamor hahaha :) well it's good you can look back now and laugh at it!
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what religion is the church? if there is singing have the choir sing the question
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depends whether she's okay with a public asking or not too.
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When I asked my bestfriend to prom, ididnt want to ask her simply, so I decided to take some flowers with beautiful pedals around the school grounds and then on flat ground surface with the pedals I spelt out 'Prom?' in big flower letters. so that's an idea that he could do
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