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So I know that the community's I posted this in has nothing to do w/ that person or group but I really love this story and I want to share it w/ as many people as I can 。^‿^。
A sunny day which became a Strom in seconds. It was July 2014. Bright and sunny, especially hot. I was on my way to work. The windows are down and the music is playing. I stop at stop sign. Then at 10am, my life became dark. A car running on 35mph didn't made a stop at the sign and strike me (driver side) Everything became black, my ears ringing and my body numb. Then I could hear people screaming. "Call 911" "Is she ok?" "Is she alive?" I wondered in that moment if I was alive. I couldn't move my body, not even a finger. Then I slowly open my eyes. The brightness was killing my eyes. Then I saw a guy yelling at me, but I couldn't hear well, my ears starts to ring again. All of a sudden, the sounds came back on again. The guy was still yelling. "Stay with us, don't close your eyes. Look at me, come on" In that moment I wanted to cry and stretch my hands towards him to take me out. But I couldn't. Then the pain started to come, but it took my legs. I couldn't take it. The pain was impossible. I started to cry, I was literally screaming in pain. I felt like my bones just crushed. Then the pain ran through my back to my neck. The guy holds my neck firm because I was moving too much. Then a woman tried to comfort me. Then the pain numbed my body. I can feel the blood running to the tips of my fingers. My eyes started to get heavy. I can't stay awake. "Don't fall asleep.. come on sweety. The ambulance is coming stay with us" I tried so hard to keep my eyes open , but I couldn't. I close my eyes. Then flash I saw a firefighter. All of a sudden, everything went blank.
Everything was dark, I wondered why I couldn't see nothing, so my ears became my eyes. I can hear doctors and nurses yelling around to each other. Then I felt a heavy sleep, my heart started to pump slowler, and I can feel it. As it slows down, I felt like I'm choking. My body started to shut down. I felt like a heavy sleep is coming. As my heart slows down, and my breathing was going low. Then everything stop. A total silence came upon. Everything was just rested. It felt like your ready to go to a sweet beautiful sleep. Then electricity ran through my body. Once...twice...third...fourth...then the fifth. I felt like my heart was jumping from every shock. Then I started to breath and my heart slowly starts to beat. "let's quickly take her to the operation room. And go to the blood bank, she needs blood ASAP" I felt like I was being pushed. Then a deep sleep came upon me.
My ears starts to ring again. Then I heard noises of machines beeping into a pattern. I tried to open my eyes but nothing. I tried to move my body, nothing either. I couldn't do nothing but listen. "I'm sorry, but I think your daughter is brain dead. Her body don't respond to nothing. We will give her 36 hours, if she don't wake up, then you will have to decided to disconnect her." I can hear my mother crying. In that moment, I screamed in my head asking myself how I can be brain dead, I can hear everything, that this is wrong. I tried to wake up but I felt like my brain won't respond to me. I can't believe what was actually happening in that moment. I couldn't cry but In my heart I was. "We have to bring the family. Just in case." I was scared and broken ... in that moment I knew that this is my last time to hear each words from my family. Especially my little ones. Everything became quiet. Then my ears starts to ring again. I started to hear my mothers voice. "Hi baby, please if you can hear me respond... I can't loose my daughter" Oh mom... I tried to move my fingers but I couldn't. Not even a tear. "Mommy, please wake up. Don't go mom. we love you mom . We promise to be good. Don't go mom" My daughter started crying. My heart broke when I heard her sobbing for me. I felt her tears hitting my arm. How bad I wanted to hold her. But nothing. She was only 6 years old. Then I heard my son. "mommy" Those was his only words. His cry was just too painful. Then I felt him hugging me. He was only 4, how will he survive wothout me.... how can theu both survive...Which broke me down. In that moment you start to realize that kids can't never forget who their mother is. The pain to hear your children cry for you and not able to hold them and tell them everything is ok. I wanted to cry, but nothing. I wanted to hold them, but couldn't move nothing. All I can think about is why my kids being motherless. "Did you call her?" My mother spoke "Yes she is on her way" My kids father spoke. Then everything got quiet.
"Hey baby girl. Its me Jen. Remember me from middle school. Of course you do. How can we forget our friendship" Jen a friend from our middle school times till graduation. The only person who stood by me. That's my sister . That moment she came, I was already started to feel exhausted. My hearing was not well. My heart monitor was going slow. I can hear my family in the background. Including the doctor. "I know you love music... but your missing out. I got introduce to kpop, which is Korean music. Its really cool. I know you would've loved it." My heart starts to slow down more. I felt like I was ready to let go. My breathing was low. Then I left someone touching my ears. "Listen to this .. he is my favorite. His name is G-Dragon. Make this be the last time to enjoy music." Then a voice starts to sing. I rest my body and let the music played. There was no melody, just this guys voice. I felt relaxed . His voice just starts to impress me, regardless I don't know what he was saying, cuz it was in a different language. It was soft but full of power. As I listen to the music, I started to remember my family. I felt like I was ready, but the music played again, and again. All of a sudden, my heart starts to feel fuzzy. My body started to tickle and my head starts to bang.His voice is just bringing me back to life. Is like he singing this song with a lot of care and love. Then I felt a tear coming out of my eyes. My heart starts to pump a little faster, and my fingers starts to twitch. The song didn't stop. It kept repeating over and over. Who is this guy, I wondered in that moment. His voice is so soft but beautiful ... then I had a chance to open my eyes.
Since that day I opened my eyes. Recovery went well. I started to listen to some other songs from G-Dragon. His songs, beside Big Bang got me to where I am now. I'm now with my children and my family who loves me. I do have problems with my nervous system, and I do still get treatments for them. But I don't regret nothing. Is not just kpop, but its music. Music can change someone's attitude or behavior. But I didn't knew that a idol's voice will save a life. I thank G-Dragon for an amazing person he is. His voice is just beautiful and his music is perfect.

Kwon Jiyong is not just an Idol, but my Hero!

↑This is @BBxGD and her adorable kids^^↑ I hope you all enjoyed her story as much I did (*^-^*) "I thank you all for being on my side. To share this is a big thing for me. But I've learned that sometimes to share your experience will help others who might be going through to or have someone who is in the same path. Also kisses to my sister Jen, who is up in heaven. She had cancer, and she did an awesome battle." Thanks everyone 。^‿^。
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Thank you for sharing this touching story with us!
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That's really awesome
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wow I didn't know it was real but I'm glad your okay
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This was beautiful.
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