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⚠WARNING⚠ This card may cause fainting ,fangirling, screaming and profuse sweating! Hey guys as you know today is special today , today is the day that we celebrate Jackson being wild and sexy. So let's show our love for him on this day by making cards for him! Make sure to tag me in them so that I can clip them! Also I will be doing one shot(s) for Jackson so if you have any ideas for what it should be about comment below!
Jackson is forever playing with my life with those sexy stares of his... I know he knows what it is doing. Please stop!
His smile is pretty sexy too never fails at making all the girlys scream! Am I right?
Jackson also has a cute side too! Look at how big his eyes get when he looks at the camera and those lips...*sighs* are you fangirling yet or is it just me?
If those images before didn't get you fangirling these two surely will! Look at that sexy stare .....and that lip bite. *blushes* anyone else feeling warm...oh no just me??? Jackson oppa you are always doing this to me, I'd tell you to stop but I don't really want you too. Stay Wild and Sexy baby!
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omg! omg! omg!
I really love his reactions to anything lol
OMG WHY IS HE SO SEXY 💕💕💕💗💗💗💖💖💖💖