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The beautiful temple alone is good enough for me to wanna travel to Kyoto, Japan source:
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I took a class three years ago on Japanese civilization and we definitely learned about this pavilion... but I don't remember the details =(
@cityofkyle ....*grabs and shake you*...then what good are you? you're suppose to remember these things and tell us in the future....geeze, smh...hahhaah!!!
@cheerfulcallie **wakes up after being shaken** guess I'll just have to crack open the books and do some research!!
@cheerfulcallie in my defense though, it was three years ago.......... (ㅇㅅㅇ)
@cityofkyle aight ill let it pass this time....honestly, i dont recall what i did 3 yrs ago or where i was myself??? hahah!!!!