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Hey guys!! I've decided to do a new thing! I want you guys to request your favorite (guy) characters and/or couples and I will do a card on them! I hope to get lots of requests!! Thanks!
Oh and if you don't know what the title is talking about, just go check out my last card and then you'll get it!!
why is guy on guy stuff attractive to girls? I don't even get why dudes like chick on chick..... I don't think it's wrong or gross, I just don't see it, cause if they're gay, then their hot bods are basically off limits (they are anyways cause they don't actually exist, but not the point lol)...right?
Kenpachi Zaraki is my fave guy probably of all time, but for couples I like SasuNaru, GonXKillua, Trafalgar Law X Mihawk, Black Star X Soul Evans.... and that's all I can think of off the top of my head lol
@TiannaColeman thank you
this is cute
Mika × Yu from Owari no Seraph
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