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This is Jongup, Jongup is the main dancer, and a sub–vocal of B.A.P
Real name: Moon Jong Up
Birthday: February 6th, 1995
Height: 176 cm (5'9)
•He is very shy and at times a bit awkward.
•Was in the MVs for Secret‘s “Shy Boy“, “Starlight Moonlight”
•Was in the Bang & Zelo‘s MV for “Never Give Up”
•In “Ta–Dah! It‘s B.A.P” he is an alien that doesn’t really have much thought, and is almost always exercising or dancing. He never complains when the other members send his on errands and is always seen with a smile on his face (which puzzles DaeHyun to no end).
•Has two older brothers
•Admires Chris Brown
•He doesn‘t have a specific ideal type, but would like her to be older than him.
•He says that his future girlfriend is someone he likes as soon as he sees them. “I really like someone who I see and exchange that vibe with them. Ideals are just ideals.”
•He can sing while doing a backflip.
•His favorite movie is the Japanese film”Be With You”.
•If he could be another member he would be Zelo. “It’s because Zelo is the tallest. I would like to breathe the fresh air from above.”
•If B.A.P were a family he’d be the 2nd oldest son.
•His favorite color is black.
•He was casted on the streets for his dancing talent.
•His shoe fell off during their showcase.
•When asked in a interview who he wants to meet he replied Jay Park.
Matoki: DaDaMato
Trainee Time: 1.5 years
I love Jongup so much.. 3rd bias bruh
This is our sweet Jongup:)
@JiyongLeo I'ma have to... in order to balance out some of Jongup's preciousness.
@Helixx Go meet Bang Yongguk
@JiyongLeo NO! If I do then I will meet Bang Yongguk and my feels will be all conflicted.
@Helixx Don't be mean!! The others need love!!
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