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So today is bias day in my VIXX marathon so lets go:)
So Leo is my bias in VIXX, if you didn't know that... you must be new.
Leo is the first idol I've really had a deep connection with, we are pretty similar in a lot of ways.
He really makes me feel okay and I always feel better when I look at him and hear him speak, he keeps me calm and I am really thankful to have an idol like him to look up to.
I appreciate Leo because he works hard and does so much for us.
I love Leo and always will. Thank you for being my idol and making me feel comfortable with being myself. I love you my hamster baby.
@twistedPuppy Awe aha it's just my mod squad
"If we're fated to be together then yes" Why did that just make me feel all bubbly inside? 😍😍 Leo is also my bias, I love his shyness. Like he's similar to me, in the beginning I'm shy around new people, but after awhile once I get to know them better and we become good friends then I let my inner craziness come out 😂😂
Oh my word I love Leo! He is my Ultimate Bias! I was drawn to him the moment I laid eyes on him. Honestly I love the other members but it was basically Leo tunnel Vision for so long that It took me a while to figure out the others, minus Ravi.
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