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WARNING: Mature, gang related content, graphic scene

Youngjae points the gun at me. "You took my brother so I'm taking your sister. And Yongguk, you let my brother die so you're going to lose your lover." Jongup having been silent enough to go unnoticed, reaches down, slowly pulling out a gun that was secretly strapped to his leg. He discretely nudges Himchan, who was unaware of the fact he had it, and hands it to him. Yongguk is desperate to try and talk him out of it. How could he take such drastic measures in order to attempt to make himself feel better? "Youngjae, think about this. It's not going to make you feel better. It's not going to bring your brother back. I'll leave, Himchan will leave; you'll never have to see or deal with us again." I don't know what to say but I need to try to talk him down. "I didn't do anything to you besides show you affection and care about you. How can you kill someone who cares about you?" "How? Easily. I have a gun and no one else does." "That's not what I meant and you know it. How can you in good conscience, be willing to kill someone who never tried to hurt you? I was compassionate and really cared about you. And to some degree I still do even when you have a gun pointed at me." "You all may as well save your breath. I'm not changing my mind and I'm not going to feel bad. I don't care about you and I don't give a damn how you feel towards me. It's all well and good that you'll leave; but that's not enough for me." Himchan is debating on what to do; he doesn't want to let this go on any longer, but he doesn't want to threaten the man with a gun to his sister's head. "Please, I'm begging you not to do this. You're not this type of person. This place has ruined you and you need to get out and live a normal life. You'll regret this and I know it." "The part of me that would have regretted this is long gone. It died along with Sungmin. You've been gone for two years; you don't know me anymore." He cocks the gun. His face is emotionless; no look of anger or vengeance, it's just empty. "You did this to yourself." Just as he's about to pull the trigger Yongguk grabs me in an attempt to shield me. A round is fired; however, nothing hits him. He looks back and jumps slightly. Turning his attention back to me, he talks in a consoling tone, "Don't look. Everything's fine, you're safe. Nothing else is going to happen. We'll leave and everything will be okay." I attempt to look around him, and he grabs me tighter. "I said don't look. You don't need to see anything." "What happened?" Himchan speaks up, not looking away from what he's done. "Seunghye, he's right. You don't need to see this. We just have to leave immediately." "What happened!" "Damn it girl! I shot him, he's dead!" He's already learned the lesson of the consequences of hesitation and he wasn't letting it happen again. "Now knock it off! We need to leave before we get killed too!" Before I can even react to anything Daehyun, who's been sitting on the sidelines watching as this all unfolded, speaks up, "Let's go. I'll help you guys get out unnoticed. If Yongguk and I are with you no one will question anything." "Fine. We're trusting you so don't fuck us over." Although Himchan is hesitant, he has no choice but to put his faith in the enemy. He knows now that Yongguk wouldn't put me in danger; but he doesn't know this kid. "Don't worry, I wouldn't want to be on your or Yongguk's bad side. Believe me, I didn't know about any of this." Yongguk looks down at me. "Just close your eyes and I'll move you toward the door, okay?" I nod and close my eyes. We walk towards the door, but without my sight my balance is somewhat thrown off. As he's guiding me I trip on my own feet. He catches me so I don't fall, unfortunately my eyes still open as a natural response. What I see before me is something that would cause most people to gasp and look away, maybe even cry; but I just stop and stare. Unable to bring myself to look away because part of me is fascinated by the graphic scene. (Do not read bold if you don't want a description) Youngjae lies sprawled out on the floor in such a position that it is obvious he's no longer living. His body looks heavy; because unlike when someone is asleep and still has some form to them, his body is limp and lies in a heap. His eyes are open and lifeless. Eyes that were once bright and had a kind of happiness within them are now dulled and void of emotion, even more so than they were in the minutes prior to his death. There's a thick pool of blood forming around his head, a lot of people don't really realizes how thick blood is until they're looking at a large amount of it instead of just a cut. The spray of blood from the wound is patterned on the wall as if someone intended to make a beautiful, yet morbid painting; Jackson Pollock would be proud. Lying next to his hand is a gun. The one that was going to be used against me in an attempt to do justice for the Yoo family. However, what actually transpired was the end of their immediate family's bloodline. My brother has single handedly disposed of the two brothers that were the only continuation of their genes. It's ironic; he was forced to kill the person he had originally tried to save. It's funny how things work out some times. "Seunghye, come on let's go." Himchan grabs my hand and Yongguk pushes me along to the door. We walk out and the door closes on what happened. We leave a terrible thing behind us acting as though it never happened. This is what they do for a living. Himchan and Yongguk; I'm not sure whether I should fear them or respect them for their ability to end a life without thinking twice or looking back. But it does deserve some sort of acknowledgement, one that I won't be able to forget.
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I am liking this ending a tad bit better than the other mostly because I was rooting for Yongguk.
wow that was an amazing description👏👍....Love this ending!!! Great job on it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
@CrystalGuerra Thank you ^_^ lol
graphic and morbid but you wrote it wonderfully
@SusiBosshammer As he should be remembered: not a fucked piece of shit
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