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Come one! Come all! Alright. The moment we've all been waiting for.....Deadpool!!!! So how was it?
It was really good. And that's about it. Before anyone takes out their guns, lemme explain that as much as I'm a fan of Deadpool the character and his comics, I also have to look at this as a movie in itself. Movie analysis is in my brain, I can't turn it off. That being said, it's a good movie. It has a standard movie structure, but I mean that in a good way. It's not underplayed and it's not over-the-top. There's a sense of balance between the 2. I was afraid that with all the hype of this movie that it wouldn't turn out well. However, the movie gives you what the trailer promised: a decent introduction for everyone's favorite Merc. It reminds me of the Avengers. Straight to the point with a tied together subplot. Although Deadpool doesn't really have a subplot...and that's probably why I feel like it's missing something. But I'll get back to that in a minute.
Let me talk about the good stuff. 1) Ryan Reynolds was BORN to play Deadpool. He just gets into it. You don't see Ryan Reynolds playing a character, you see Deadpool. This was perfect casting and I'm so glad Reynolds pushed for this movie to happen. The man cried when he first put on the costume, that shows how much he cared! 2) The flashback scenes were a great choice at revealing Wilson's past. I was afraid that this would all be an extended flashback until we catch up to the present day at the last 3rd. That would've been boring and felt like an eternity. With adding flashbacks where they need to be and cutting back to the present every now and then, it makes it more durable, compelling, and it sort of gets you to know what he's thinking/remembering.
3)The humor is straight down Deadpool alley. It's cynical, crude, and clever! The fourth wall jokes makes it possible for the title character to interact with the audience even though we know it's not live. This was arguably the best part of the film. 4) The action is amazing. Deadpool using 12 bullets to kill like what? 20 men? And one of them went through 4 of them like a domino! He uses his katanas to shish-kabob people to death, cuts off his hand to escape handcuffs, the body count, the fight scenes, they were all awesome to watch!
5)Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Wathead. Let me go one at a time here. We finally get a GOOD portrayal of Colossus. He's bulky, Russian, and a bit naive. He doesn't fight unless he has to and the actorS they got were perfect for the role. That's right. ActorS as in plural. Stefan Kapičić did the voice while Andre Tricoteux did on-set performance, T.J. Storm did body motion performance, and Greg LaSalle with facial performance. Wow. Now for Negasonic Teenage Warhead.....the name itself says it all. I never heard of her and when I heard the name in the movie I thought she was being it's actually her name and you know what? It fits. She's got the attitude, the angst, and the sarcastic wit of a teenager. Now after some research, I found that her powers aren't the same as they are in the comics, but because I don't know her very well, I don't mind and kinda like the change. Others may disagree and that's fine, but for me, I didn't mind. (Also during my research, I found that the writers decided to add her in just because of her awesome name).
Alright now what disappointed me? Let me bring back what I said in the beginning which is that Deadpool, while being hilarious and kickass, had a couple of missing elements. 1) The villain. We don't know the villain that well to really care about him. Yes, FRANCIS/AJAX has a couple of funny scenes and I love him being an asshole. It's like he's saying "Yeah that's right. I'm a dick, but at least I own it!" I guess because we focus so much on Wilson's POV that we don't really get much of a subplot to establish his "villainy" outside of being an ass. Although, Deadpool technically warned us about this in the opening credits ex. "A British Guy" As for Angel Dust, she's still kinda interesting. She's like a female Boba Fett, little to no lines but still badass.
2) We don't know much about Vanessa. I mean we know that's she's into the kinky stuff Wilson's into, she was abused as a child, and that she cares about him.... but that's it. We don't know her overall personality. The main parts we see her in are her and Wade "gettin' jiggy with it", walking home in the rain, and getting kidnapped. Sure, we see her and Wade have a serious moment when discussing his cancers, but that's not enough. I would've liked to know more about her to really feel the urgency of her kidnapping. When you get to know a character and become attached to them, then see them put in danger, you wanna scream "NO! You bastard! You leave her alone!" I didn't get that from her. I got that from Gwen Stacey in the Anazing Spider-Man movies cause she played a major roll and we got to know her character for more than 3 scenes. Compare her to Vanessa and I think you'll get where I'm coming from. Hopefully, we'll get to delve deeper into Vanessa's character in the sequel.
3) The Final Battle. To me, it felt a bit anticlimactic. I didn't really feel the urgency of the situation. Again, because I don't really know Vanessa OR Ajax very well to get that sense of "SAVE HER!! KICK HIS ASS!!!" Not to mention it felt a bit short to me. Since I have neither movie on DVD, I can't compare the time length of the final battles between Avengers and Deadpool to make a point. But I will say that, it didn't really wow me. I mean the action itself was great, but I felt it could've been drawn out a bit more, made me feel at the edge of my seat.
Aside from all this, it's a really good movie. Screw the haters and the parents who complained about the movie "not made for kids". If you ask me, as a parent, they should've done their research before taking their children to see it. They should've seen the trailer on tv; if not, there's the Internet, leading to no excuse to look for the red or greenband trailers. Not to mention it was rated R so that was flag #2. They need to stop making excuses and just admit that "I should've made sure ahead of time that it was appropriate." *clears throat* Sorry got a bit off track there. So yeah. Despite a couple issues, it was fun to watch. The action was awesome, the acting was top-notch, and, the best part about this movie, the comedy. We as fans of Marvel and Deadpool looked forward to this movie. Other people might have hoped for a little bit more, BUT for the fans who desperately wanted this to happen, you got what you wanted and it turned out exactly how you wanted it to be. I hope that the sequel turns out really really well because I don't want it to be like Avengers where the sequel was unfocused, I want it to be like (for lack of a better example) Kung Fu Panda where the 2nd movie surpassed the 1st one (which is hard to do). And no I didn't see Kung Fu Panda 3 YET. And that's all I've got to say. Comment below what you want me to review next. It could be another Marvel movie. It could be DC. It could be non-superhero related.
Well said
I definitely feel what you're saying. I was actually half expecting Angel Dust to end up being the big bad at the end of the movie, which I think would have given her character a little more weight and also added a fresher dynamic to the antagonist plot. I'm also sad that Vanessa didn't have the mutant powers she had in the comics (though that could always be in their back pocket for Deadpool 2). @OctoberHymns I think you're right, it was definitely made for the fans. And while some people might have been alienated by it, I also think it was written in a way that welcomes new fans. If this movie turned anyone off the character, honestly I think it's because DP isn't for them and that's ok. I'd rather that than a really out of character portrayal that causes people to go out and be disappointed by the comics because they're totally different
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@zwdodds hey true! And I completely agree with this review 😌👌🏽
@OctoberHymns exactly. It was made for fans, especially to make up for they did to Deadpool in X-men Origins.
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