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And prepare yourselves for the blessing of a lifetime okay! It will throw you out a chair, and make sure people are not around you b/c....there were people around me and I was fangirling馃槀 DONT EMBARRASS YOURSELF LIKE I DID OKAY馃槀
Sweet baby jesus my ovaries are on fire. I think I got pregnant by looking at this because damn馃槀馃槏 lol let me stop but here is something to help you get through your day or night!
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@TheEnlightment I'm physically incapable of functioning now
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@CallMeMsDragon Same and he would have to hide us under one of Kookie's oversized shirts and ppl would think he is pregnant when really it's just two females who will fight if told to get off馃槀
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I like his hairstylelike this
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I love his hairstyle
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