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EXO Screenshot Game Results!
So, I did the lovely @Gaarita100 's Recent EXO screenshot game, and here are the results! :3
I am sure Leader and I will be happy. <3 Suho
I'm sure it will be gorgeous. I'm hoping spring.
I like that this dress is t too over the top but I love the flowy skirt. :3
This ring is so pretty!! 8D
Ooh it has a yard! I think this will be fine for us. I don't see Suho or myself needing too much, and we can make this a home together.
Spoiled rotten, I'm sure. Lol
Thanks for checking out my card! :)
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The Miracles of December picture, when I first saw that, I couldn't tell who was who, but now, when I've gotten to know EXO a bit better, I can tell 😂😂
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I love that picture.
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