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엑소 시우민하고 AOA 지민 - 야 하고 싶어! EXO Xiumin and AOA Jimin - CALL YOU BAE
ENG Sub Naver Starcast 2016.02.29
Official teaser for 야 하고 싶어 (CALL YOU BAE) 2016.03.01
2016.03.01 Jimin's Instagram Update! Translation: Thank you Xiumin-sunbaenim for taking part in my first album Thank you to the fans that supported me from early on March 3rd! Please listen to #CALLYOUBAE a lot❤❤❤
Who else is SUPER excited for this album and collaboration?? I know I am!!❤ ~ Rae✌
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She looks so tiny and cute, I just want to eat her 😂😂
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Way excited! Can't wait!!
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Ohhh yesssss!! Can't wait!!
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