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I am so excited to share this stunning Ted Baker London sandal with you! The 4" sandal is available online only through Nordstrom and for only $194.95! Where else can you find a fabulous mirror-finish gold patent leather sandal!?
I am so in love with this sandal, I think that I am going to create an LOTD moodboard featuring this. Hopefully you gals love this, especially because it's relatively inexpensive. It's not the $600 or $1,300 pair of shoes that I typically show off.
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@marshalledgar knock-offs quality various too much, some are as good as the original, but more than often the quality is horrible! I rather they put their own brand name on it though, it seems silly when we both know they not the real deal. I'll buy something if the look and quality are good, don't care about brand names.
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You're so smart! @Animaniafreak Always go for quality! I totally agree. But sometimes, if you're in a pinch and you KNOW that you're only going to need something one time, then you can finagle something.hehe
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Love love love love love looooooove!!!! I shop at nordstrom all the time!
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