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The great Dynamic Duo is coming to the states and Canada! If you haven't brought your tickets yet, go buy them now! :)
Here is a track list of songs Dynamic Duo will be performing :)
Here are some MVs, audio tracks,& performances from the track list from above .  Just to save you some time from searching it up :)
Jam Jam is good & sweet song. The MV is so fun, cute, and funny :) I like how they imitated Big Bang lol.
Three dopeboyz MV
Shoot goal in performance + Rhythm is life Dynamic Duo rap skills are no joke!
J.O.T.S MV + Lee Dae Ho (audio )
Without you performance This is one of my favorite Dynamic Duo songs! Love it. It's an amazing song. ❤
Guilty MV One of my favorites. Classic.
Hot wings MV Oh such a great song and MV! Smooth. You can't lie when you hear them say hot wings it make you think of the food lol
Baaam MV This song and the MV is wowwerz xD
See through MV Smooth.
Go back audio + ring my belly MV Go back is one of my favorites too. This is also a good classic. Ring my belly is kinda catchy and the MV is so funny. I like how they were taking on different roles from movies, it was really cool.
Fireworks MV
For more information about Dynamic Duo Grand Carnival 2016 tour, check out - MyMusic taste - Vist their website: Here are their other social media accs you can follow~ Instagram : _mymusictaste Facebook: mymusictaste  Dynamic Duo fans are you ready?! :) -Happy Tuesday!  ❤ ~Taemi
@VeronicaArtino right??? Haha I'm in shock at even seeing Atlanta there
@Ercurrent recurrent this is like a dream come true right lol
Actually coming to Atlanta!!!!
I want to go to the Atlanta shoe. I must research I will beg someone at work to take my oncall