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@alywoah created this challenge and since I've been looking for some push I thought I'd join in. I know this is unnecessary but here's a little backstory....
This was me in high school I was never stick thin but I was pretty small. I always struggled with accepting myself though and always tried to lose weight. I was pretty active riding horse and showing cattle and pigs. Also helping out at my friends Dairy farms. Because I felt big I pretty much always wore clothes that were too big for me...
in college I managed to gain a few lbs and then my junior year for some magical reason I shed quite a bit off and my clothes continued to stay baggy. (I processed that whole chicken by myself and then took it home, sorry no sanitary gloves)
Well here we are now weighing a whole 15 lbs more than I was in highschool. In some cases I appreciate filling out the look and embrace my curves but since I struggled with feeling overweight before I feel even worse. I've drastically cut the amount of food I take in and I don't exactly have a desk job so... here's to getting older and my metabolism slowing..... (also yes... I got stabbed in the arm by a pin at my own wedding lol) so without going any further into my life story I will now announce my goals 1) I will now start doing cardio twice a week. By the end of the month I want to master the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and at least be able to dance to a few songs on my Zumba set. It also looks like I will be taking up riding once a week again. 2) I have already stopped buying vending machine snacks but now the soda almost every day must stop and I hope to get down to 2 to 3 cans a week at most. 3) I want to start cooking meals instead of buying frozen meals. I plan on increasing my red meat intake in the form of whole muscle cuts (individual size portions) This will help me resist the urge for late night snacks and give my body much needed essential amino acids (even though I studied animal nutrition I had to learn all about meat.... and it's my profession to know about meat now). I also plan to have a side of veggies and fruits will be on hand for mid day snacks or a light lunch. 4) By the end of the month I hope to be down close to10 lbs... then I know I'll have gotten somewhere Anyways I know we're supposed to tag people but I have no idea who would a) read this long ass card and b) actually want to cheer me on lol but if you plan on also doing the challenge I will be there in the cheering section.
@nicolejb laughing burns calories too
Those are awesome goals!!! Cooking has been a huge help for me. It makes me get involved and excited about healthy meals (personally), but I try to make it fun with music and wine ;) keep us updated!!! you got this!!
I believe in you!!! Those are lovely wedding photos! (Also props to the Xena pic up top haha)
@alywoah Haha yes you're welcome. I told myself today that I had to make a card for it because I was like "You need this Maddy." Also I believe in us!
Also, thank yewww for participating in the challenge!!!
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