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I ship Zoro X Robin. God I'm such a weirdo
@RoronoaLuffy true, other than Robin she's the only sane one on that ship. AlishiaDavis Sorry to make you worry, no Oda would never kill off any of the Straw Hats, I do not see that happening.
with out nami they wouldn't be able to get anywhere or survive the new world oceans. Gold thing also protect my darling robin. @AlishiaDavis
@AdamDean she got ya! :) sorry only on episode 200 love the show but only have a little bit of time to watch! I was afraid she like died or something!
@RoronoaLuffy Isn't Smoker in his mid thirties, while Tashigi is early 20s, same with Robin and Zoro. Also Oda even said, One Piece is a family, chopper is the youngest son, then Usopp, then Sanji, then Luffy, then Zoro, with Franky and Robin as the father and mother respectively, and Brook is the grandfather. Also, being a cyborg doesn't seem to matter... 18 ended up with Krillin in DBZ and has not all metal.
No. Tashigi and Smoker, franky is a cyborg.
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