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The case of Apple versus the FBI has been in the news for a while now, now they face off in front of the House Judiciary Committee. So let's break down why this is an important case. Because it's confusing as heck

The main issue: The F.B.I. demanded Apple break into an iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino, CA. Apple

In cases like this you might just think, "What's the big deal? Why doesn't Apple just do it and help the investigation?" But the real reason why Apple is terrified is mostly because of the president it would set. In the words of Bruce Sewell, Apple’s general counsel:

“it would set a dangerous precedent for government intrusion on the privacy and safety of its citizens.”

Why this is a big deal to the world:
It's now a symbolic representation of what the world has been arguing about for a while now. Tech Companies and the Government have been going back and forth, sometimes cooperating (against the public's will) and sometimes going against each other on the basis of privacy. It's a huge company versus the feds.

Who's side are you on?

Stating* not staying
I'm on Apple's side mostly because if the government can easily access anything we do whether it be on a phone or a computer, excluding social media, it should be a violation of the fourth amendment (the search and seizure amendment- must have a warrant to search private property, etc) not to mention the fifth amendment where no one can be a witness against themselves, basically staying in this case that if the govt can access whatever they want on your phone without you allowing them, it's basically making you a witness against yourself.
always delete search history before going on a killing spree
@nicolejb I guess so. It is a tricky trend right now, though.
I think that's the trick with that though @TessStevens, I think in this instance it might be a slippery slope, first allowing this, next allowing whatever they gov wants because they KNOW Apple can do it. It just urks me a bit Interesting, @Fogsea7 why is that??
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