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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 46/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
The prison was only a few blocks from the hospital. A large dark building that took up several city blocks. Jungkook’s eyes passed over the lone tower of the isolation wing as the car drove closer to it. His eyes narrowed, the prison entrance was on the opposite side. “Where are you going?”
You swiveled your head in his direction, curiously peering out his window looking for some sort of entrance sign. Jungkook shifted closer to you, leaning forward in his seat to get a better look at Captain Jeon’s profile. The captain side-eyed him, nodding his head in the direction of the sign they were approaching.
‘Police Entrance: Stay Left for inmate drop offs’
You saw something pass over Jungkook’s face and noticed the way his jaw clenched. The hand resting on the headrest of the seat beside you to keep himself forward tightened it’s grip. A car passed by the right window and you frowned. You all were in the left lane? Captain Jeon made eye contact with you through the rear view window, subtly motioning to Jungkook who was practically leaning into the front seat.
“Jeon.” You called softly. He looked back at you, forcing his face to remain neutral.
“What’s wrong?” For moment you just stared at him. You weren’t exactly sure what to do now. Ignoring the captain’s curious stare you knotted your fingers into Jungkook’s shirt and pulled on it. He slid back in the seat, cautiously watching you. “Are you alright?” He asked softly, dropping his arm around your shoulders. Jungkook studied the way you mirrored his unsure expression.
“Are you alright?” You mimicked. He blinked, licking his lips. As of late, all your responses to him were one word answers, this was the first time in a long time you had spoken more than a few words to him. Taking your wrist in his hands, he toyed with the hospital bracelet still dangling from it. A soft kiss was placed on your temple.
“Later.” He whispered, dark eyes staring at the curious officer in the mirror. He intertwined his fingers with yours.
The car pulled up to a closed gate, a small sentry booth situated off to the side. Jungkook’s grip tightened, his arm pulling you closer. Head pressed into the crook of his neck, you drew in a deep breath.
“I missed you, Jeon.”
His thumb caressed your cheek as he pressed a firm kiss atop your head. “I missed you too.” He echoed. In the front seat, Captain Jeon rolled down his window, sticking his hand out to shake with the sentry.
“Captain! How are you?” The other man asked, gaze flitting to Jungkook glaring at him from the backseat. “Another drop off?”
Turning his head down to yours to hide his sour expression, Jungkook angrily muttered,
“I’ll fucking drop him.” Oddly, you chuckled, burying your face into his shirt to muffle the sound. You knew Jungkook had a temper, but the petty way he had grumbled it was too funny. And the way he had said it was even funnier; brows knitted and bottom lip poking out in a pout. It reminded you of when your oldest brother would tease Jin in front of his friends and Jin would poutily try to come up with some sort of sly comeback. At seeing Jin so upset, you often tried to help him, but only succeeded in making your oldest brother and his friends laugh harder; embarrassing Jin even more. Not even your best stick drawings could get Jin to play with you after you did something like that.
“I love you.” You blurted out. Which was true, you loved him. Some part of you felt like it wasn’t the exact way he wanted you to love him, but it was still love. You felt his heartbeat speed up and the feel of it ended up making yours do the same. He shifted his arm, pressing your chest closer to his. Silently, he leaned his head against yours, finger tapping against your shoulder in sync rhythm with your heartbeat. Breathlessly he whispered,
“..I’m glad..because lately I’ve been feeling like I’m the only one who’s trying to make us work.” He admitted softly, “And it’s getting to the point where I don’t remember why I love you…I just know I do.”
He rubbed his head in frustration. Why didn’t he remember? There was your first meeting in the Waiting Room. When you clung to him and his flannel in the hall. The talk about Sochi’s; he remembered the first time you kissed him. The warehouse, Areum, meeting Min Yoongi for the first time..he remembered all of those events, but he couldn’t remember when he first realized he loved you. It was just like, one minute you were there and the next he was ready to put his life on the line for you.
Jungkook drew in a sharp breath, one of his fists raising up to cover his mouth as he blankly stared down at the floor mats. His brows were knitted tightly in concentration and anger. He loved you, he knew this. He didn’t immediately love you though, there was something that happened between you two that had him realizing it. His head was starting to hurt. You had said you loved him first, he was certain of that, but when had he said it back?
“When you took whatever was in that needle.”
“That’s when I first realized I loved you. I didn’t confess it to you until later, but that was the exact moment.” You explained, meeting his gaze,”When you, even though you were hurt and strapped to that chair, said you’d take whatever was in that needle and call off Namjoon’s raid or whatever just to protect me. You didn’t have to. And even though keeping me safe put you in so much danger, you still did it without question..but it all started with the needle. I know the exact moment and why.” You quieted. “And I’ll never forget it.” Jungkook looked away from you, pulling his body completely away. He bit his lip harshly, digging his elbows into his knees and holding his head in his hands.
“I’m sorry.” He mumbled. “I’m sorry I can’t remember why.”
Captain Jeon and the sentry had finished their conversation long ago, the sentry already had returned to his booth and opened the gates. The car was currently slowly passing through them, but Captain Jeon was too distracted listening in on you and Jungkook’s conversation. He frowned softly at how Jungkook had turned away from you and curled in on himself.
You blinked back tears; unsure why his response had hurt so much. Hadn’t you decided on Yoongi and spent who-knows-how-long trying to find the perfect way to tell Jungkook? But instead you were blurting out in full detail the exact moment you fell in love with him. Jungkook not knowing why he loved you in the first place was a perfect way out.
But all you wanted now was for him to remember why. He was special to you; more so than anyone else. Whether you were with Yoongi or not, you wanted him to know how you felt. You loved him; romantically or not, you loved him and you knew exactly when and why.
It was completely selfish, but why couldn’t he remember why he loved you?
The car came to a stop, Captain Jeon awkwardly clearing his throat. Jungkook’s head snapped up, his hand immediately opening the door. He stepped out, hurriedly walking in the doors and leaving you behind. You sat still for a few moments, blankly staring at where he had rushed in. “He..he’s not good with expressing himself.” You murmured in response to Captain Jeon’s look of confusion. “..but even so..he’s never…” You cleared your throat, feeling something burn behind your eyes,”He’s never avoided trying to express them to me. He’s always tried, even if it makes no sense- I’ve never-” Your breath hitched,”He’s never walked away from me like that.”
Captain Jeon exited the driver’s seat, soon after opening your door and helping you out. “I’d say give him some time, but you know him better than I do.” He sighed. Patting your shoulder, he guided you to the doors, “Maybe after a visit with his brother he’ll feel better.”
Despite Jungkook being there a few days ago, no one seemed to question or even react to his reappearance. Calmly he had moved to the service desk, fingers curling around the pen sitting atop the sign-in book. You and Captain Jeon waited by the visitor chairs.
“If you need anything, just ask someone around here.” Captain Jeon smiled at you. He wasn’t at ease at the sudden distance between you and Jungkook. Since he had seen you both in the same proximity, you two had been glued together. Now, you stared at anything but Jungkook and he avoided looking back at you. Winking behind Jungkook’s back to try to get a response from you, Captain Jeon added, “And if they tell you no, just tell them Captain Jeon said it was alright.” For emphasis, he plucked his badge off his chest, handing it over to you. Delicately, you took the badge, a bit surprised at the weight it carried. By then Jungkook had finished and he stare suspiciously at the shiny item in your hand, but looked away the moment you raised your head in his direction. “For protection.” Captain Jeon piped up suddenly. “Just looking out for my little sister.” He added lightly.
Jungkook glared at him, stepping to the doors off to the side to the conference room the man at the desk had directed him to, “Don’t ever call her your sister. She already has two brothers.” He hissed. Waiting for the doors to open, Jungkook turned his back to you both and shoved his hands into his pockets. Slowly, the door opened and he hurried inside, completely ignoring you.
Shortly after Jungkook disappeared, Captain Jeon was sending you a strange look. He shrugged lightly, moving towards the same doors Jungkook had gone through. “I’m going to make sure he doesn’t start a riot or something.” he huffed. “There’s a little bench area outside if you want some air. Hopefully this will be quick.” You nodded, but only sat down in one of the plastic chairs of the lobby. Turning the badge over in your hand, your eyes passed over the hospital bracelet.
Inside the confines of the hospital room you felt horrible, too tired and weak to even lift your head, but since you had gotten out you felt much better. You had even laughed. And all that was thanks to Jungkook…who was now questioning why he had wasted so much time doting on you.
You needed a comforting presence.
Tightening your hold on the badge, you cut your gaze to the man at the desk. “Sir?” He looked over at you, surprised to hear you speak. “May..If I name someone, will you tell me if they’re here?” At that he nodded, hands already positioned over the keyboard. “His name is Jaehwa-”
“Ahh him.” The guard grumbled, “That guy is always submitting complaints, ‘Oh this blanket is too thin.’ ‘The food is terrible’ ‘Where’s my cellmate? It’s boring without Yoongi’s funny stories’”
“Yoongi?” You repeated. Yoongi was here too? You would think that with him being a ‘boss’, he’d be in federal prison or something; not the local jail. Which you never really thought about before; Yoongi as a mafia boss seemed odd. He was just..Yoongi. Weren’t bosses rough and demanding like Namjoon? You couldn’t even recall a moment you had seen Yoongi lay a hand on someone else. Choi Yoongi; that man fit the boss roll, but Min? You couldn’t picture it. He was too gentle.
“Can I see him?” Standing up quickly you crossed the room to his desk. Taking a deep breath the badge was held out. Hopefully, Captain Jeon’s badge held that much weight over the desk attendant. “May I see Min Yoongi?” You asked softly. Jungkook had been gone for 15 minutes, but you weren’t sure when he was going to come back. You felt that he’d still ignore you once he came back anyway. His realization had hit you hard, but it seemed it hit him just as hard.
The guard at the sign in table turned away from you to tap at the keyboard beside him. You peered at the screen, heart dropping when the bold text of ‘Solitary Confinement’ flashed before the screen. Yoongi had spent enough time confined to a room and now he was back in one? The guard, after chancing a glance at the badge once more, quietly overrode the screen and a room number popped up. “Conference room 5C.” He spoke, pointing to a set of double doors on the opposite side of the room as the ones Jungkook had gone through. Sighing in relief, you thanked him and hurried to the door. On the opposite side, a guard led you to the conference room, his steely expression showing nothing as he confirmed that you were there to see Min Yoongi. Timidly, you consented and were seated in the room to wait.
The room was small, with no windows. A cold draft blew in from the vents, the soft rumble of the air pushing through giving some sort of sound to distract yourself from the ringing in your ears. You twisted your hands together, all of a sudden very nervous.
You were going to see Yoongi again.
The fact that he had never admitted to loving you still played in the back of your mind, and warped your memory of him. You weren’t even sure if he liked being around you other than what he was forced to endure in the room. Yes, he had been surprised to see you in the warehouse, but that didn’t mean anything. He might refuse to meet with you, or ignore you once he showed up, but you didn’t focus on that. Just the fact that he was going to be here put you at ease. That alone comforted you.
And distracted you from Jungkook’s sudden distance.
Yoongi stepped into the room alone, his eyes immediately focusing on you. He paused, gaze scanning your face, dropping down to your feet and sweeping back up. He had spent a considerable amount of time alone in a pitch black room. Everything was too bright and too loud here. It had been a long time since he had heard anything other than his own breathing and the soft whir of a camera. Your arrival was so unexpected. Yoongi felt his heart rate spike at the sight of you.
You were actually there.
His emotions went haywire as memories flashed in his mind. Seeing you, he suddenly remember much vividly the sound of your voice and how you felt in his arms. He remember falling asleep with you and waking up to you. He felt too much and it made his chest hurt. His emotions were like a flame wafting over an ocean of gasoline. At first, there was nothing. Then, everything was alit and raging.
And unstoppable.
There was an overwhelming urge to cry tugging behind his eyes, but at the same time he wanted to leave. At his sides, his fingers itched to touch you; it had been too long.
Despite all the raging thoughts and feelings, Yoongi only stood there blankly. This whole thing could have been another hallucination. He had hallucinated about you frequently since being put in confinement. He warily eyed you, hesitant to approach. Cutting his gaze to the corners of the room, he searched for a camera somewhere. This had to be set up by the guards; some other ploy to get him to crack. He watched you stare back at him, a soft smile upturning your lips. Reflexively, Yoongi scowled, you weren’t really there. You weren’t there, so if he ignored you, you’d go away like all his other hallucinations.
Standing up on shaky legs, you found yourself rooted to your spot. Yoongi took a small step forward, eyes narrowing. His hallucinations never moved before. Loosening your jaw and trying to come up with something to say, your confidence faltered at his icy silence. He didn’t look particularly happy.
He didn’t have any expression at all.

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