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So, @Lexxcisco tagged me in the results for @Sarabear1021's 2PM We got Married Snapshot game. It looked like fun so here are my results!!
Holy Moly. Ok then!
I love the detailing...
Couple rings. <3
So pretty... I don't know if I know that many people but I'm sure Taecyeon has a lot of contacts.
This would interesting.
Good lord! This is a palace! Does it have a library? Computer lab? Movie theatre and bowling alley?
Looks like we'll have lots of house guests. Otherwise that house is far too big.
I am sure that Taecyeon and I will be happy together. I'd get lost in that house though. :3 Tagging some people, let me know if you would like to be added or removed. @MissyKim @XoxoJessica12 @kpopandkimchi @JohnEvans @RihannaTiaMae @MadAndrea @ReynadeKpop @EmilyPeacock @SofiaFifi @cherryconti29 @tinafalcon22 @JiYeongLeo @BulletproofV @tayunnie @AdriannaFletc @twistedpuppy @Gaarita100 @elaynethtrumpet @cloeyseuss @falselove
@missyKim I can see that happening to me too. And @Lexxcisco Ikr???
Man, you have got it made 👌👌.
huge houses scare me for some reason and I'm sure my guy family members will be butt faces and try to scare me....
@MissyKim of course!
lol well make sure to invite to that wedding so I can meet my Lay Lay ^^