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this is a Challenge I created, it's called the "Bias Fairy-Tale Challenge."

Rules: Make a list of your top 10 biases (they do not have to be in Order.)

Each bias will play a part in this fairy tale.

Who is your True Love?

here's My Top 10 Bias list.

1. Ravi (Vixx)
2. Yongguk (B.A.P)
3. TOP (Bigbang)
4. G-Dragon (Bigbang)
5. Zico (Block B)
6. Kai (Exo-K)
7. NamJoon (BTS)
8. P.O (Block B)
9. Zelo (B.A.P)
10. Sehun (Exo-K)

1. Bias #6 is your Best Friend!

you two are inseparable BFF's, you're basically Siblings.

My best friend is Kai.

2. bias #9 is the one who knows your deepest, Darkest secret.

No Matter what you did wrong, He promises to die with your Secret.

Zelo Promised to keep my Secret safe.

3. Bias #5 is your Prince Charming

you're in a Love Triangle with him, He's Not your True love, but you are always Drawn to him!

My Prince Charming is Zico

4. Bias #4 is the Villain

He wishes you were dead, HE HATES YOU! If I were you, I would stay out of his way.

G-Dragon is the Villain of My story.

what did I ever do to him? all I ever did was love him!

5. Bias #10 is the Villain's Henchman.

he doesn't Really Have anything against you, he's Just Following orders.

Sehun Works for G-Dragon!

6. Bias #3 is your Sidekick

he'll stick by you no matter what, He follows you around like a puppy, and will never leave your side.

My sidekick is TOP

7. Bias #1 Saved your Life.

He risked his life to save yours, He's your Personal Superman.

Ravi is My Superman! YAY :)

8. Bias #7 is The wizard.

He casts a Love spell on you, and tells you that the Moment your Soulmate lays His eyes on you, he Will fall Madly in love with you.

Thank You NamJoon!

9. Bias #2 is your True Love!

The Wizard's Spell worked! Now you have met your True Love, and He is MADLY in love with you! now you two will live Happily ever after.

My True Love is Yongguk!

10. Bias #8 is the one you Named your Child after.

you two have been married for a while, and now that things are kind of settled, you decided to finally have a baby. Aww, How Cute! what's his Name?

I named my Child Pyo Ji Hoon. (P.O)

I hope you enjoyed my Game! thank you for your time!

I'm not trying to Bother you, I just wanted to share this with you.

if you do this challenge, Please Don't forget to Tag me. I would Love to see how your story goes! :) Thank you Vingle!