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Genre: Angst
Members: Jimin x You; Jungkook; Minor appearances from other members
Part: 5/6
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue
Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
It took three months for what you had predicted to come to pass.
For Eunsae to leave Jimin like he left you. That’s also how long it took for Jungkook to have you wrapped around his little finger.
He knew it.
You knew it and Jimin knew it.
However, Jungkook had made it clear that he only wanted to be friends with you. Bashfully, he admitted that he enjoyed the way you made him feel, but wasn’t as adamant about being your boyfriend as he was being your friend. You’d never forget the look on his face when you admitted that you didn’t want him as your boyfriend either.
The poor maknae was a blushing, stuttering mess,”I-I thought…since the way we acted together, that you’d…thought of us together,” he had quietly explained, patting his red face,”Ah, I must look so stupid. Y/N, please forget this ever happened, okay. You can’t tell anyone, especially my hyungs.”
You had tapped a finger against your chin, subtly inching your way off the couch,”I’ll only tell Hobi oppa.” You had quipped, dashing from the room to Jhope’s room. Jungkook’s cry of ‘No!’ followed by his thudding footstep followed soon after. Bursting through Jhope’s shared room with V and Jimin, you startled the older boy. His head snapped up as his phone fell from his hands. You scrambled up onto his bed just as Jungkook approached; he slipped on his socks, sliding right past the door. Jhope laughed loudly, pointing at his doorway and looking at you,”Did you see that!? He went right by the door!” Still red in the face, Jungkook slowly entered the room pointedly ignoring Jhope’s commentary. He inched to the bed, motioning for you to come to him. You shook your head, tucking yourself closer to Jhope. Hobi raised a brow, “What are you guys doing?”
Smiling at him, you shrugged,”I just wanted to see you, Hobi oppa. I don’t know why Jungkook is here.” The maknae rolled his eyes, holding his arms out to you,
“Y/N.. You know why I’m here.” he muttered. Jhope playfully pushed Jungkook’s outstretched arms away,
“Ah, Jungkookie~ Leave Y/N and I alone!” He grinned, suddenly reaching out and pulling his younger brother onto the bed as well. Rolling his eyes, Jhope watched as Jungkook straightened up, squishing his way in between Y/N and him to sit down. As he was jostled by the boy, Jhope whined loudly, lightly hitting Jungkook’s broad shoulder. Jungkook only smiled softly, wriggling in his spot for emphasis.
“This is really comfortable, hyung.”
“Comfortable!? You’re taking up the whole bed. Look! I’m on the floor and poor Y/N is half way through the wall!” The three of you laughed loudly, Jhope’s the loudest. Soft footsteps entered the room. Jimin glanced at the three of you all huddled together on Jhope’s bed, but didn’t comment. He headed over to his dresser, opening a drawer and digging around through it. Grabbing a shirt, he silently left.
Since his most recent break up, Jimin had been tottering between I-miss-Eunsae and Jungkook-stay-away-from-Y/N quite frequently. Sometimes, there were phases that lasted a few days, other times there were moods (in the morning he’d cry over Eunsae, but at night, he’d argue with Jungkook over you). Other times it was like a switch just went off and Jimin went off the deep end.
Today was one of these days.
The entirety of Bangtan plus you had been seated around the table, eating lunch. V, in all his couponing glory, had managed to snag a pretty good deal at a restaurant nearby so every chipped in for some food. Although Jin didn’t mention it, you could tell he enjoyed the break. So here you all were, eating to your heart’s content. At the moment, Jimin was excitedly talking about he and V’s encounter with fan on the way to get the food.
All Jungkook had done was grab your hand to stop you from piling your food onto his plate, and all of a sudden Jimin was pushing his bowl away, cutting his story short to sulk.
Namjoon looked confused, but talked around his mouthful of food nonetheless,”Then what happened?” Yoongi glanced down the table at you and the maknae just as Jungkook was pulling his hand away. He frowned, turning back to Jimin and setting his food down.
“Alright, I’m tired of this shit.” He announced suddenly. Across the table, Jin started choking on his food. Namjoon thumped his open palm on his hyung’s back a few times while Jhope passed down a bottle of water. Yoongi quietly watched, continuing his thought once Jin had calmed down,”Jimin, you dumped her, so stop trying to argue with Jungkook about her like you have some sort of leverage.” His scolding quickly shifted to you,”And Y/N, stop leading him on. You know how he is and you’re letting him get away with it.” His lips pursed as he clenched his metal chopsticks together with a soft clink, placing them on the table. He propped his elbows on the table. Yoongi rested his hands under his chin,”Unless you two want to get back together?”He suggested,”Is that what this is?”
Jimin’s gaze cut across the table to you hopefully. It seemed like he was trying to put this all behind him once more. Without hesitation you shook your head,”I’m sorry Jimin, but….whatever had me so desperate to be with you before is..gone.” Crossing your arms you added,”Honestly, I don’t even want to be your friend right now. I’m not over what happened, but I’m also not in a rush to reconcile.” You met his gaze,”But I’m sorry that this had to be said in front of your members.”
Yoongi scoffed,”If I didn’t say anything, nothing would’ve happened.” You agreed softly, thanking him. Suga nodded smugly.
“I’m sorry.” Jimin started softly,”When we first met…you liked me so much, and I was so happy someone felt that way about me. An-and I wanted to like you as much as you liked me, so I thought if we were together, it’d just happen.” He picked at a scratch on the table, too afraid to look at anyone. He knew they were all staring at him. “I really wanted to love you, I swear. But…I couldn’t, at least, not as much as you loved me. You loved me so much, it actually made me jealous. I wondered what was wrong with me; why couldn’t I reciprocate what you felt for me?” he licked his lips,”When I met Eunsae, it was just so easy and I wanted it and I wanted it now. If what I felt for Eunsae was even half of what you felt for me, I completely understand why you put up with me as long as you did.” Jimin chuckled lowly,”I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t hear from her at least once a day; you must’ve felt terrible when I was away on tour. I acted so stupid and hurt you.”
You didn’t want to outright say, ‘Yeah, you sure did’ (well you did, but that’d be kinda mean), so you settled for nodding. “I’m glad you realized this.”
“I-I know we’ll never date again, and it’ll probably be years before you consider me a friend again, but can we at least be..be civil-ah, no. Wh-what I’m trying to say is I want to be able to talk to you- comfortably, that is.” The tips of his ears were red as he stumbled over what he was trying to say. “Acquaintances? I don’t know, I just want to talk to you again, Y/N…can I?”
Trying not to be too kind or too rude (After all, he had just admitted all this in front of his friends), the only response you gave was, “I guess.”
Jimin smiled,”You’re really too nice for me.”
Yoongi scowled,”Alright, that’s enough of this, finish eating.” He glanced at his food tiredly,”I’m not even hungry anymore.” Soft fingers brushed against your thigh. Looking to your right, you noticed Jungkook staring straight at you. Lowering his voice he whispered,
“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Jimin hyung stutter when talking to you.”
You frowned, rolling your eyes, ”He was ashamed. And rightly so.” you quipped. Jungkook shook his head,
“No, he was nervous.”
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