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Based on that picture can you guess what happened here?!?! Yay!!! @gaarita100 thank you for the game. Everything worked out perfectly.
So you already know how I feel about this one. Epic win!!!
Not my first choice BUT since Chanyeol is there it doesn't even matter.
I like it and it's full and fluffy at the bottom. *please don't let my top half fall out of the top half of this dress*
Well if that doesn't say unique I don't know what else does. I don't know if that will look good on my hand.
I like the quiet. and I don't like people for real so this is wonderful. I'm just not mowing the lawn, Thaaaanks.
I'm sorry what? .... ........ ............. 9 kids?!?!?! do you know how much...... You're just trying to have a group ready for debut. You better keep rapping and start acting more because ummmm "We are 9" is a lot
Just because he is cute and I like him with grey hair. Tagging the #thunderbuddies a.k.a Thunder Squad @eliseb @jessicaacosta90 @JaiiPanda @ashleyemmert @Isolate @Dianabell @KhrystinaLee @sarabear1021 @josalynnstyles @twistedPuppy
Lol Someone got busy! 9 KIDS!
@Gaarita100 I feel special then. @jessicaacosta90 I was hard work birthing 9 babies 😷
lol thanks for playing. I loved your results especially the 9 kids 😊😂 your the first person that I know of that got 9 kids
@sarabear1021 4 was a bit much to accept. 9?!?! I had to have a surrogate.
Omg 9 goodluck
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