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It's so easy to forget, for us women who have to be everything, that everyone wakes up with morning breath. It's so easy to forget, that tummy rolls make their grand appearance on every body as they bend down to make a sand castle, each roll cascading to another, body becoming a water fall of flesh. It's so easy to forget that your huge smile in that candid picture he snuck of you doesn't make you look ugly, delete it. You have never looked more beautiful.
Women it so easy to forget, that your period doesn't morph into a demon, come alive from blood to take over your body and invalidate your every thought for 5-7 days. It's so easy to forget that you can decide how to wear your hair, who to kiss, and what college to go to, but deciding not to have that child is a decision men think they should make for you It's so easy to forget that it wasn't your fault. Your drunkenness and skirt not an invitation to take what you have not offered. And as a man, it is so easy to forget that the women you deem whore, trash, dumb, insubordinate are your mothers, your sisters and your daughters...Forced to forget their worth because of you.
@cardboardart AHHHHH NOOOO!!! ugh that makes me so sad, you and your sister and mom should join together and build each other up!!! It will get better and just know you rock :)
Woman and Man, both are like two hands, and one hand can't be more important than the other, both are important, both are parts of humankind. By not allowing women to exercise their rights we are unjust to 50% of humankind and that will just fail our entire civilization. Some day soon the man's world will realise this.
@Straightshooter actually I wasn't even really thinking about the possible father, more referencing the fact that there's actually a panel in government that's for women's reproductive health that have no women on it. A lot of congress men (and women but mostly men) are trying to control weather or not a woman should be legally allowed to get an abortion. You yourself don't have to believe in them, I know a ton of pro choice people who wouldn't have one themselves, but that shouldn't mean all women should be forced to have a child when they do not want one. Plus with abortions restricted then there would be less info about side effects and more mess ups that cause death to the mother as well! Also I get what you are saying about possible side effects from multiple abortions, most people don't have multiple abortions and having a child doesn't exactly compare to your foot. But I get where you're trying to go.
@carfboardart Not a problem! It's always nice to extend a helping hand :) If you ever need someone to talk to just give me a shout okay? I am a GRRRRREAT listener lol
@Straightshooter yeah I usually don't let it show but it's always there on my shoulder. I usually look happy though and I have been trying to renew my faith in God because there's a lot of negative people in my life that are the opposite of Christian so it's pretty hard but I'm doing it. *raises glass* thank you and CHEERS!
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