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Every KPop lover wants to learn Korean fluently and fast right? But the question is, where do you start?
Well you've come to the right place!
After poking around the internet and annoying my professors for tips (I'm a Linguist major so I got direct contact x3), I discovered a few things and tested them on myself.
So now, I will share some of my secrets with the world. ;)
Okay, so the website i used to self teach myself is:
Trust me when I say that this website has helped me soooo much! It is thoroughly explained and the examples are amazing.
Now, you do have to pay to use the audio or the workbooks (which are reasonably $5-10) and I really recommend them too because the more practice the merrier!
Is where you can scroll down to hear the pronunciations for each letter.
Now i HIGHLY recommend you learn how to read the characters first because this will be self taught and if you can read it, then everything else will fall into place. :)
I'm taking a extracurricular course at my university but that's only because I want to find people at my level who I can converse with and practice with. Please find a native speaker and talk to them to get practice in, but if you can't learning how to read first will benefit you either way.
I usually talk to myself in Korean to squeeze in the practice.... x)
Message me for questions or anything! I'm always happy to help as an aspiring Linguist! :D
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Anddddd... my amazing Alpha Nerds Squad :D
I need to learn korean for a while and that picture tell a story of me
I wish I could take a university class!
what if i really want to learn, and already know hangeul (and how to say sweet potato ;) ), but dont have time nor motivation to learn the rest? how can i get myself enough energy to get out of my stress-induced funk and learn?
I'm definitely in the boat of trying to learn.
@Isolate - let me get out of work in a couple of hours and I'll give you a full response 🙏🙏❤
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