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I recently purchased this product. It's pretty much foundation in a stick and I must say it is easy to use and it has a 24 dollar price point. Now my problem is that I have combo skin. Some oly and sometimes not. I wore it today, and I looked too oly! Pizza style, yuck. So any help for me? These are suggestions I got below.. Help!
Is their a primer that could help my face? @jordanhamilton @amobigbang @marshalledgar @TessStevens help!!
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Yes! Do you have Oily skin!? You shouldn't be using an oil based primer or foundation if so!!!!!!
@lavonyork thanks for including me. I just want to say that you shouldn't be using the chubby stick other than for what it's intended, which is to contour. I would recommend that you look at the following foundations: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Tint, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation, and my favorite: bareMinerals original foundation.
I'm obsessed with the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, although it might be a little bit too oily for your skin. and @marshalledgar makes a great point, the chubby stick is more for spot contouring. I would invest in a light coverage powder foundation. Bare Minerals is great! And does wonder for blotting up excess oil on the skin!
So a primer that is oil free would not help? Unfortunately I can't return this purchase. I wish when I went to get it, the people took the time to explain. All that was says to me that it is good for every skin type and that you can use it quick and have your style ready in under ten mins which I thought was awesome. The other stuff I use that does not leave my face like that takes a lot more times
go natural, Men prefer it anyway #justsaying