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Chapter 1 ~Steff's POV~ I run up to Tanny's house with a piece of toast in my mouth while calling her out..."Tanny!Hurry up! we're gonna be late! School starts in 2 minutes!!" I hear her yell from the other side "I'm coming!" Tanny opens the door and stands up next to me "Morning" She said as she took a bite of my toast "Yah! That was my breakfast! Omg we're gonna get yelled at!!" oh i forgot to say, it's the first day of our high school lives and we're already late!! I run and pull Tanny with me to the school which is like, 5 blocks away..when i get in there i look for Tanny but...she isn't here... ~Tanny's POV~ I was running after Steff but then i bump into this guy "I'm sorry" I say as a bow quickly and try to leave but he grabs my hand "I'm sorry? is that it?" he says, i ignore him and try to move his hand but his grip is very strong...."Hey bro, what are you doing to a girl?" the guy turn around "umm....she bumped into me" he says....the other guy sighs and says "Do you know who am I?" "No sir, I don't know" he said as he tightend his grip "leave me alone" i say...the other guy stands between us "I'm Jackson Wang, the wild and sexy...Now L.E.A.V.E T.H.I.S G.I.R.L A.L.O.N.E" he says and moves the other guy's hand and tells me to head to class... ~Jackson's POV~ I see this girl trying to leave but this guy grabs her hand...i wonder if something is wrong but i shouldn't give a f**k...I look at the girl again..if she is cute i'll help..if she isn't i'll judt leave...Aw man she's cute...I help her but there's something about her....something different from other girls....The guy gets mad and says "Jackson Wang you say?" as he grab me by my head..."Why do I need to tell you again?" he gets mad and gives me a punch in the face...I think *Let him do it, don't fight back*...After I get a few punches in the stomach...the world turns to be black... ~Steff's POV~ I see Tanny being punished by Mr.Park, our Math teacher...I'll ask her what happened later...I guess ~Aseel's POV~ Aigoo what a drag...i wanna go home already...i need to make some friends...or maybe not...I sigh as a put my headphones in my ears...i hope this day ends right now... ~Tanny's POV~ I can'r believe it!! That guy was so....handsome...i hope i can meet him again..i giggle of the thought but Mr. Park got mad and told me to go run 3 labs in the gym...Not bad....I sigh and nod at him and leaves for the gym...

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@JamiMilsap @Lexxcisco YASS THANKS GUYS *peace*
Awesome! Loved the different points of view!! 馃槃
You have my attention for sure. ..
I like it! :)
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