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Nope its not the standard;
"smile, you would look so much prettier that way"
" Damnnn girl, I love watching you walk."
"Hey beautiful."
or my usual favorite,
"whatever bitch you aren't that pretty anyway."
Classic. But to get the best girls, you gotta get more creative then that.
Thankfully the buzzfeed guys have finally nailed it. They have figured out the few cat calls that will actually work on girls. Yell these one liners at the next girl you see and you are a shoe in for at least drink...if not more.
All sarcasm aside this had me ROLLLLING !!
My personal fav: "If it was up to me old white dudes in congress wouldn't have the right to make laws about the female anatomy"

Whats yours!?

tbh the answer is still none. If I'm walking it's because I'm going places I don't have time for you
I'm suddenly feeling really lucky that my hometown area isn't really cat-call happy. Whenever I go into the city though... grr.r
@shannonl5 bahahaha I knew you would like this video!!! I was pretty glad they ended it with the whole just don't say anything thing really wrapped it up nicely
funny though XD