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$200 Ciel Figure 馃槴
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Just because something is exclusive doesn't make it Rare. lol But like I said, "I" wouldn't pay that sort of money. I'm not against anyone else enjoying their money burning hobbies. :)) They're nice to look at.
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@Danse yea. i can understand but thats how the economy works. Its not rare in Japan but in the America's yea. Its impossible to get your hands on it. Consider packaging and flight for delivery. I wouldn't buy it. Unless it was $60-$80.
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Just make pen-pal friends from Japan who can do the dirty work for you. LOL That's what I do. :)) I have around 5 Pen-pals that I've known from 5-11 years. One is a Manga nut, another a Collector, and the other three do translations and send a crap-ton of daily things like snacks, shrine gifts and things from any place they visit. The collector is the one that secured my Gintoki/Gintama Merch collection for me. (In exchange for Goodies from the USA..Sweet deal, eh?) @AshChrimson Gotta be determined to get what you want, using all resources! :D
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That's pretty expensive! @Danse How did you find these awesome penpals?
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I found mine on and also through a few buddies from college who did foreign exchange. For the most part Japanese pen-pals are very reserved and are difficult to get for the long run. But if you're patient and sincere; it works out quite well. @poojas There are quite a few pen-pal sites that are very good, and even help with traveling, language exchange and possible future employment.
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