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Building and managing a city can be pretty difficult right? What about building one on top of a balancing platform? A disaster? Quite Possibly. But also oddly hilarious. Check out the trailer for this unique game that captures this idea in a Jenga + SimCity combo:
The gameplay is simple enough. You just pick the type of buildings and landmarks and place them on the platform. But the challenge is making sure the population of your city is growing and happy and...you know...that the residents don't fall off the platform to their gruesome deaths.
Right now they have a Free Building Mode but soon they will feature a Real Life Scenario Mode where you can recreate famous cities and their landmarks (San Francisco is currently ready). There's also a Mission Mode where you complete specific goals to clear levels and last but not least, Story Mode. Think of all the possible disastrous stories...
As goofy as this game sounds, I think it will be a lot of fun to play. I mean...when else will we get to build and run a city on a flimsy platform and make sure the residents are happy and getting to work on time? Probably never.
The game is on Steam Greenlight right now and I am looking forward to its release. I can't wait to see all the crazy cities people will build and to see what Real Life cities they add to the game! The game is set for release in mid-2016 but the demo comes out later this week!
I think you guys might enjoy this one! :)
this looks like a lot of fun
@TurtleyTurtles Ahhh I see! I want to get a PS4 once I graduate college! ^^
this looks pretty interesting. I liek the concept, probably more than I'd like the actual game tbh. though the fact that there are moving elements and things you need to incorporate (like that firefighting helicopter) is cool
@poojas The price isn't bad, considering I've seen some around $500 or more. $399 for the cadet blue PS4 with Drake and "SIC PARVIS MAGNA" on it, a matching controller, and Uncharted 4. I think it's a good price, considering it's all new, and a used PS4 is usually no less than $300. It's coming out April 26th.
@TurtleyTurtles I might have to check out that game soon! And omg yes! Steam also has tons of free games but heck yeah I would totes save up for a Unchartered 4 PS4 in a heartbeat!
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