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This article from Kotaku.com is pretty awesome! I would love to see all the robots!!!! "Tetsujin 28-go is a Japanese manga and anime about a boy who controls a giant robot. You might know it as Gigantor. It was also released in South Korea, where the gentleman who owns this restaurant fell in love with the cartoon. Bless him. As tipster Sang points out, the name of this restaurant is "Tetsujin Chinese Restaurant", and it serves, well, Chinese food! And the food looks pretty darn good. But what makes the restaurant truly unique is that it houses the owner's collection of giant robot memorabilia, old plastic models, board games, and radio controlled vehicles—in short, genuinely cool things. There's lots of neat Japanese things! Let's see...there's Tetsujin 28-go, Mazinger Z, Astro Boy, Ultraman, and much, much more. " -Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku.com
@syairah12 I'm the first person! Really? Awww. (^-^) Thank you! One Piece is so great, isn't it? Glad you finally got some time to relax and have fun!
@YinofYang..ahaaaa~ you don't have to be sorry big sis..lol..I'm also took more than 10 days to reply back..kekeke..yeah..you're soooo right.kekeke..you've allowed me to be lazy..lol..I love you cause you're the FIRST person to say such thing to me..keke..WOW..ONE PIECE..what a good choice unnie..I'm also in love with one piece too.well, including my brothers...keke..high five!! oh..*hugs back* lol..
@syairah12 Sorry it took me so long to reply, baby sis! That's okay. You've been so busy with school, you're definitely allowed to be lazy. :D I still watch anime, but just I'm more picky about what I watch. I've been watching a new one that is reallllly good. I also still read a lot of manga. One Piece is my absolute favorite anime/manga! *Hugs*
@YinofYang..me too..I can't believe it..I feel so excited..lol..ahaaaa..I have to admit..I've been lazy nowadays..kekeke..wow!! really?? You have tons of new cards...keke..don't worry..Of course, I will not gonna forget to post my comments for those pics.lol...me too..me too!! really happy..hehehe..you used to watch lots of anime..well, I have to admit..you're really my big sis..lol..I still watch the anime. my little brother always watch those anime with me..lol..*feelinglikealittlekidagain*..aigoo...
@syairah12 I am online?! I can't believe you're online. No one ever seems to be online at this time. :D What?! You've been lazy?! That's why I haven't seen you! Listen here, baby sis. I have tons of new cards for you to go comment on. (^_~) I'm glad to see you. Yes, definitely love robots too. I used to watch a lot of mecha anime. :D Of course! That's the best way to game, when someone else buys everything.
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