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Hyungwon {Monsta X Visual}

I already know @AnnahiZaragoza is going to love this!! Hopefully I will get everything right about this cutie. So let's jump right into this
Basic Facts:
Name- Chae Hyung Won
Birth Date- January 15, 1994
Postion- Dancer, Vocalist, and Visual

1. Hyungwon is known for his beautiful thick lips

2. Hyungwon is considered the best looking in the group according to fans. Hyungwon said that Shownu is the most attractive in the group because he's strong and manly.

3. Hyungwon is the loudest member in the dorm

4. Hyungwon is a Mamma's boy. He loves and misses her very much

5. Hyungwon's poem using (SISTAR's) 'Hyolyn' during their Right Now reality show.

'Hyo'- Let's become a devoted son.

"Lyn'- Kind Mother's had to suffer for ten months in order to give birth to us so we need to do our duties as sons and daughters.

6. He was in a song with Jooheon and I.M while also feat. Yella Diamond

Here's his debut mission where he sung a little of "No Diggity" and dance to some Drake!!!

I hope enjoyed looking at Hyungwon!! Next is our maknae I.M!!!

Tagging the head chairs:
And tagging the rest of the fam:
yay!! que bello..
His lips tho ๐Ÿ˜
Hot damn them some juicy lips.... can I bite them???? lol
his lips kill me.. this is the lips group cause wonho and daddy shownu kill me too
For some reason, he's the one I forget about.....I don' t know why.
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