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This is a story that will give you all the feels and make you so happy that people like this exist in the world.

Meet Mark, the guy dog who grooms shelter dogs!

Meet Mark.

Mark's fiancee adopted a pit bull from a shelter. When she brought the dog home, there was dirt caked in the dog's fur. Mark mentioned how great it would be if there was someone who would go to the animal shelters and give the dogs haircuts. And, that's when the idea was born.

Mark gives dogs haircuts.

Mark complete pet grooming school and now travels to shelters to volunteer to give the dogs haircuts. And the haircuts not only make the dogs look better — the haircuts can also make them feel better. When hair gets incredibly matted and dirty, it can cut off blood circulation to the dog's limbs, making it uncomfortable for the dog to move and play. The lack of circulation can be so severe that the dogs can risk losing their legs if they don't get a haircut soon.

“Now my inner child can come out and transform these animals to make them as lovable outside as they are inside," Mark says.

What an amazing story that makes your heart feel so warm!

If you want to see more of what Mark does, check out his Instagram or his animal service page.
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