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Welcome to Dancer Week!

(Check out more of this month's schedule here!)

To start off, I wanted to share my favorite super in-sync dance practice videos!!! These dances are all so perfectly timed and shows how awesome their team work is!

BTS - Boy In Luv

I show this video to all my non-kpop friends to be like LOOK AT THIS. KPOP IDOLS ARE TALENTED TOO! I've converted so many people into BTS fans because of this video alone!

Infinite - Before the Dawn

Ugh, the original kings of synchronized dance. Infinite tapes their practices and analyzes the tiny moments when they aren't in sync and practice until the mistakes arent there any more. They're amazing.

AOA - Like A Cat

Their LEGS. Jesus. Also this is a really...flowy? so its really hard to stay in sync but they DO IT!

VIXX - On and On

I love this dance so much and still can't believe this is only their third single. This is the song and dance that made VIXX the superstars they are now and its easy to see why!

SHINee - Sherlock (Clue + Note)

SHINee...they're the best. Like, hands down they are the BEST on stage. Their teamwork is completely insane and this is one of their most impressive dances to still stay in sync with (so much jumping!)

Who are your favorite in-sync groups!?

I LOVE SHINee's Sherlock. when I first found it I watched it probably 20 times and countless times since. Great song, great choreo, great execution!!! Also I think BTS is on point with choreo all the time, that's a lot of hard work! DOPE made my jaw drop! lol
Seventeen - Mansae. they were in training for three years before debut. one of the beautiful things about Seventeen is they do their own producing, choreo, and push each other to be in perfect sync. they really are marvelous for a new debut group.
2PM anyone(
BTS and Infinite 💕
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