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New England Patriots fans have always been supportive of both their team and their star quarterback, Tom Brady.

Despite all the scandals and hatred directed at their favorite team and quarterback, it seemed as if though the fans would always be in support of them. Well, they weren't so forgiving in the world of politics, especially things concerning Donald Trump.
Brady had the famous Donald Trump hat, "Make America Great Again" in his locker and publicly showed his support for Trump, calling him "a friend".
Things did not stop there when Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, joined in his support for Trump when he spoke highly of his friendship with Trump during an interview with the Boston Globe.
Massachusetts tend to be a very liberal state.

And fans are not happy to see that the star and owner of their favorite team publicly supported Donald Trump.

But on this Super Tuesday, Trump won Massachusetts.

I bet Brady and Kraft are both having a blast. Shame on them.

To be perfectly honest I don't think it matters if he wants to back Trump let him I don't really care nor should I
@djdoubl3up @ChrisStephens I noticed your little back and forth regarding the accuracy of sources, and I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. If one decides that information from, say Fox News is unreliable because of bias, then it is necessary to note that information from any major media outlet is probably unreliable due to bias. MSNBC is probably the worst offender as far as accuracy goes but CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, etc. all have their own agendas that they're trying to push. It's crucial to note while reading something that facts and statistics are weapons that can very easily change the way you perceive an issue or a candidate.
@TiffanyPerez Spoken very well. You and I are on the same page. @mchlyang @sanRico I'm sure that a great deal of my Seahawks are Nobama supporters, but that doesn't give me licence to think any less of them.
yes. but I like that he is blunt. we need someone who is an ass when needed. I don't want another weakling like Obama.
More reasons to hate Brady and the Pats haha
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