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Getting pizza from a chain distributor is an art.
When stepping outside the friendly confines of your well trusted local Italian pizzeria, you may want to do some research. Everyone swears their product is fresh and top notch, but the quality is often lacking.
Little Caesars became the main discussion point for pizza enthusiasts as they ranked their favorite pizzerias of all time on Twitter. The results, were not in the chain distributors favor.
Consumers of pizza from all the different american vendors were relentless in their assault of Little Caesars online.
One person on Twitter shared their ranking of shops, saying "papa johns > ledos > dominoes > pizza you found in the dumpster > little caesars. "
That was rough. Another person said "Little Caesars taste like cardboard & construction paper...but it's cheap AF & hot and ready so it's number one."
Not all of the mentions of Little Caesars was bad, as one fan said "People who say Little Caesars tastes like greasy cardboard have clearly never actually eaten greasy cardboard. (Or Domino's.)"
Are we being too hard on Little Caesars? Who knows. For those who love pizza, feel free to share your thoughts on Little Caesars, and you top three chain pizza shops below.
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@Ticasensei I agree! I'm from the NJ/NY area, and I'm super picky about my pizza. I don't usually like any of the chain pizzerias. I'd rather spring for a mom-and-pop by-the-slice place.
@danidee yes! omg! I miss that so much! I never noticed out pickiness till I started to travel. nothing like our pizza!
@Ticasensei I really like Chicago deep dish too, but it's not really PIZZA to me. It's like eating a weird pizza cake lol.
Little Ceasars isn't bad. Now Cici's Pizza is bad. I think they literally use salty cardboard as their crust
I can eat little Cesar's if it's piping hot from the oven. Once it cools I want nothing to do with it.