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Things like remind me there is a god.
The good people of Prague are blessing the masses who visit their plush land with a tasty concoction called the ice cream filled donut.
They look amazing, and from the comments online, they taste amazing too.
The pastries, being sold by Prague’s Good Food Cafe and Bakery, are a riff on a traditional Czech favorite, trdelník, made of grilled pastry dough topped with sugar and walnuts.
This 21st century update sees the pastry covered in cinnamon sugar, filled with sweet sauce (chocolate or otherwise) and stuffed with vanilla ice cream.
For those who needed another reason to see the world, here you go. Can you imagine if they had one of these stateside? These shops would make bank over here, don't you think?
Those look sooo yummy!!!
absolutely delightful...unfortunately I am lactose intolerant
Those look so good! Although I'm a little nervous over whether or not I'd have a huge tummy ache once I was finished, lol.