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Do you ever see a dance move and just go...Huh?!

1. Ken's Move in VooDoo Doll

Ken is literally being thrown by his ankles over his members. The really amazing thing about this move is that Ken said that he never got injured when practicing. The members supported him so well that even though this move is super risky, he never once got hurt!

2. GFriend's Me Gustas Tu

Just keep watching this gif...I mind is boggled.

3. BTS' Dope Foot Work

I can't choose what BTS dance move floors me the most, but the foot work always blows my mind. And the fact that they can sing live while doing this!? ARE THEY HUMAN?!

4. GOT7's I Like You Flip

I know Mark is some kind of martial arts bboy genius thing but HE USES ANOTHER MEMBER'S BACK TO JUMP OFF OF!!! HOW DOES HE NOT BREA HIM?!

5. Infinite's Scorpion Dance

Fun fact: Hoya was actually the only one who knew how to do this but he really wanted to use it in the choreo and so all the boys practiced really hard to figure out how to do it. The members said that they fought SO MUCH during this period because they were all so frustrated. But they learned it, and it helped make them famous!

6. Zelo's One Shot Dance

He bounces on his back up the stage and then gets up with just his hands?! I don't even know. He looks like there is no gravity at the end of the move hahahah WHAT IS THIS MAKNAE.

What are other dance moves that BLOW YOUR MIND!?

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but probably the one part in no more dream where jungkook had to lift jimin while he run on the members back has me amazed in awe
Just the fact that they can dance and sing at the same time is amazing enough.
Infinite has really been through so much... almost disbanding, injured member, maknae has scoliosis, Sungyeol was said to have been been practicing with wires attached to his chest because of severe heart issues from over working, Sungkyu was teased for being poor when he was a child, and Dongwoo's father has cancer.... Yet these boys are still GREAT to fans and continue to let their beautiful personalities show every time we see them, be it Jongies fan service in airports, Woohyuns drunk aegyo, or Hoya' s unquestionable work ethic. Go Infinite!!! Scorpion dance forever!!!
@kpopandkimchi *cries* my appreciation for dancers will never go away i swear
YES ZELO!!! I was going through the list and was like Zelo One Shot where are you?
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