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Even though this is a multi annual thing, I just cannot go without FMA brotherhood for very long without a hardcore binge to cleanse my senses and run my eyes dry😭 as my favorite lyric tattoo says "it's love make it hurt". Any anime can hurt and have major feels but if you listen to what's being earned and brought out within yourself you will realize the bonds of love, respect, and admiration for yourself and life's surroundings are truly miraculous!! So start a binge and don't ever let anyone tell you how you believe is wrong. Like Ed, my favorite character from FMA let alone almost all anime since it's literally one of the best "again" literally made, "it's love make it hurt" put your effort into something you think is worth it, bc if u love it and it even pains you at times. It is sure to blossom into a beautiful gigantic flower of life and glory!! In my life anime IS power, and anime is life!! Ever giving and ever learning. ARIGATOU Mina!!! NAKAMA 4 life!! Thanks "ED"!! 😋 from "Alphonse"
ooooh it would be awesome if we could all watch together! I've been trying to find a good live stream for something like that but I haven't found anything yet :(
awesome sauce. I love FMA:B. I should also do a binge and rewatch
@shannonl5 @InVinsybll would be awesome to have a group NAKAMA binge session!!