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When you are a kid, your parents probably told you "take it easy on the chocolate, it's not good for you and it will give you a stomach ache."
Odds are, you didn't listen, but as it turns out, the stuff isn't that bad for you after all. Your favorite snack/dessert/way of life is officially helping your brain work better. According to research, our brains simply aren’t as sharp as they could be since we’re not eating enough fudge.
According to research, caffeine and theobromine, both of which have been associated with improving alertness and cognitive function.
Basically, this means the darker the chocolate, the sweeter the brain juice. So grab a bar of dark chocolate and dig in, it will help you down the line for sure!
guess ill have to stay stupid lol I dont particularly like chocolate
Yup, if anyone asks what I'm doing eating tons of chocolate, I'm working on my mental fitness.