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Bruh, this meme is just TOO REAL. Is there anyone else on here that just CANNOT PEE when there is someone in a somewhat audible distance?
You know some people with peeing phobia's carry ipods with them for the whole purpose of creating loud sounds in their ears so they can concentrate on actually peeing and not worrying about the people that may or may not be within ear-shot. I've heard it helps. o.O Wouldn't know myself though.
LOL That's so funny. Most of the girls I knew always tried to drag me into the bathroom to keep them company. I'm like.. "Um, if you hadn't noticed this door has two legs, not three on the sign." Pee by yoself! xD
@Danse and @Turtley Turtles it's totally true it's definitely not healthy to hold it in but sometimes the person is shy it's physiological they can't help it no matter how bad they want to go it won't just happen sometimes it's If people are just around it doesn't matter if they are looking or not sometimes if people are talking they can't let it go. But I totally agree that it's always better to let go.
@TurtleyTurtles. Preach! Gotta let it out pronto! Holding it in is bad for you anyway. Any doctor will vouch for that. 馃憤
same omo same. I have some girlfriends that love to go to the bathroom with you uninvited and unless I'm drunk I'm all like "love you girl, mean it, but can you come back in 10 seconds?" or I just make water noises myself. *swssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
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