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What are your favorite crazy dance practices?!

GOT7 - Just Right (Crazy Boyfriend Version)

In which Bambam has WAY too much fun.

Teen Top - Miss Right (Hilarious Version)

It's a totally normal dance practice until the "nananananana" part come on....

Seventeen - Mansae (Switch Version)

In which they switch roles, Seungkwan is a rapper, and Jeonghan and Mingyu fall in love.

AOA - Like a Cat (Pajamas Version)


BTS - War of Hormones (Halloween Version)

Self explanatory

VIXX - Error (Errored Version)

In which Leo gets tickled and Hakyeon farts.
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Oh my gosh the Real WAR version of War of Hormone... I think I fall over laughing and crying EVERY TIME I watch it hahahaha. That and def the ending of Error's Errored version kekekekeke XD!!!
Being the first one to view this 😂😘
BAP be happy (Santa Claus edition)
Have you seen VIXX - Chained Up (Christmas Edition). It's when Ravi, N, Ken and Hongbin dress as Santa Claus, while Hyuk and Leo are Reindeer. It's so adorable and funny
Love all these so much, one of my favorites not here is 2PM's Go Crazy. They really take the idea to heart and it's just so much fun to watch. It was actually what finally, officially pulled me kicking and screaming into the K-Pop world. No more enjoying it occasionally from afar, I was all in from that moment on. I love them for it, especially since I live here now anyways...
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